Why It's Defining: Tom Cruise's gesture based computer interface has influenced countless movies (i.e. Robert Downey Jr in The Avengers). Also the look of bleached-white cityscapes of Minority Report have been imitated by so many sci-fi movies (Total Recall remake, After Earth, Oblivion) that it's become cliche. » 2/19/14 3:15pm 2/19/14 3:15pm

I work at home (I'm a writer), and the greatest gift I ever gave myself was noise-cancelling headphones. It blocks out distracting sounds like the fridge turning on, garbage trucks, all that stuff that would break my concentration. I listen to music normally, but sometimes I'll just switch the NC on and enjoy theā€¦ » 11/17/13 4:08pm 11/17/13 4:08pm

I had tons of fun installing Gnome and customizing it, but after I was done...I didn't use it very much. The big issue: No Netflix. Netflix uses Microsoft Silverlight to stream, and I haven't found any workarounds that are effective... » 11/12/13 1:59pm 11/12/13 1:59pm